Shane Street Tails & Little Tikes

I have two new Galleries I created.  One is Shane Street Tails.  This were I will have all my up and cumming Graphic Stories.  Unlike the traditional comic book format mine will be a little different.  There will be little dialog except for premise of the story and the end.  Everything else I will let your imagination create the dialog.

Each story will have a cover and a total of 10 pages including the centerfold. Once completed it will be available for print as well as individual pages.  Be patient with me I will try to roll out a page every two weeks.


The other New gallery is Little Tikes Gallery.  It is a password protected gallery. This gallery will have all my works that are of innocence and beauty of boyhood.  There is no sexuality but there is nudity.  Truthfully I wish these pieces could be more public because of the beauty they express, but I know how the public mind works.  Straight into the gutter.  So it is for the ones that want to remember a time before there was black or white, or gay or straight.  A time were teddy bears could talk and a boys secret was truly a secret.

You can also head over to  my Etsy store where few more of my pieces are located but not all. Shipping is Free in the continental US.  I do ship internationally please contact me for shipping cost. Transaction can be handled through Etsy or Paypal.

For question you may contact me through my Email: or I.M. me on FaceBook and my Instagram is:  (shane.street)  Enjoy the boys on Shane St. and feel free to leave a comment.  Thank You Shane St.


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