Prints are here!!! (almost)

Yes Yes and Yes!!!  My Epson 1430 Artisan printer arrived Saturday and like a kid with a new toy on christmas morning I tore into the box.  You never know with these things.  You read as much reviews as you can and hope it does what you want it to do.  So you put your money down and buy your ticket.  I was not disappointed.

Setting it up was a snap and getting everything to talk to each other was a sinch.  I played with many different papers already and the winner is a Canson 140 lb. watercolor paper of all things.  I tried the fancy stuff and some other professional paper, and found that the Canson watercolor paper gave me the color, texture, and tone that I wanted.  Plus dusting it with some UV acrylic coating really gives it that extra snap to the print.

Printing sizes and pricing will be up very very soon.  From 6 x 9 to 12 x 18 inches. I am very excited that I have the ability to offer in house prints for you guys.  Plus to be able to print out booklets and other items that I been working on for sometime.  The ability for an artist to control his own quality and work from start to finish is a very self empowering thing.  Just think everything that I offer is touched by the art gods to you.  No middle person to say Nay, or Yay to, or skim off the top.  I have always enjoyed direct relationship with my customers and I feel this is going into the right direction of doing so.

Look for a mid week update.  Many things happen over the weekend and last week. Plus many many sales on some pieces that are now only available in PRINTS!!!

You can also head over to  my Etsy store where few more of my pieces are located but not all. Shipping is Free in the continental US.  I do ship internationally please contact me for shipping cost. Transaction can be handled through Etsy or Paypal.

For question you may contact me through my Email: or I.M. me on FaceBook and my Instagram is:  (shane.street)  Enjoy the boys on Shane St. and feel free to leave a comment.  Thank You Shane St.


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