Off again to another grand adventure for about 10 to 12 days.  As you can tell I have changed a few things to the website. For starters it’s a new look. I changed the theme so that I could accommodate a shopping cart and streamline a few things.  The password that I gave you should still work for now, but I will need to improve that so that each one of you have your own individual password. I am trying to eliminate as much double posting as possible and make it easy for you guys to navigate new and older pieces as well purchase original and prints.  This takes some doing since there really isn’t a platform out there that does this unless I want to pay out the nose and learn another system. Which I do not want. So I am building up system that will fit my needs and let you navigate easily through the site. (I hope)

Here are couple pieces to tie your over while I am gone. They are censored because I am posting this in a public forum. I will be monitoring  FB but not really posting anything new unless I have something in hand. So if you need the password you can IM me from there. Other words in that I will see you guys when I get back.  Please enjoy.

Shane St.