About Shane St.

My Art is a mixture of gayness, but the main theme and my inspiration comes from my home turf, Michigan. I grew up in the heart of the rust belt north of Detroit in the 70’s. So my boys are little trashy, a little dirty and don’t play fair. 😉 But I am also a Michigander and love the mitten state and all of its lakes, ponds, trails, seasons and boyhood hideaways. But I guess my biggest inspiration (which is my cover photo.) is The Movie, “Angels with Dirty Faces” a 1939 movie that stars the Dead end Kids, James Cagney, Humphrey Bogart, and Pat O’Brien. The movie was serious, funny, and real. In the dirty alleyways we have no time for that mushy love stuff but we care in other ways. We don’t snitch, we protect our own and what goes on on Shane St. stays on Shane St.

The majority of my subject are of gay youth and homoerotica. I don’t use live models, but bits and pieces here and there and a lot of imagination. The majority of times it is just an image that has popped in my mind, and if you haven’t noticed they seem to lean toward the humorous, awkward or getting caught. For me art is not about what is visible but what isn’t. The proverbial fly on the wall.

I am self taught on everything. I am heavily dyslexic and became one of those statistics that you seen on 20/20 in the 80’s. You know alcohol, drugs, broken up family, high school drop out out, thug and all around fuck up. I turned to art in my youth for some solace, but alas that was not to be. Really didn’t have any mentorship and like all want to be rock stars it went to the way side for some easier pastors, (less controversial anyway.) So I did like any other high school dropout does. Pick up a hammer and started hammering shit. I mean come on any damn fool can pick up hammer, right.

In 2012 (mid life thing I’m assuming) peeked out of the closet and wanted to take a stroll. The thing about putting things in the closet is that there is only one door. I also found out I sucked at drawing and painting. I take that back. I was exactly where I left off 30 years ago. Little older now and know that nothing gets better unless you practice the shit out of it. So for several years I practice 3 to 4 hours a day. Art is now a religious act to me. It is where I literally communicate with myself to myself. Doing the Buddha thing.

I hold no degree or have any formal education in art or other, but that does not mean I am not educated on literature, science, human sociology, religion, philosophy and history. My thirst of knowledge never ended even when the doors were shut. As I said I am self taught everything. I’m that cat in alley that looked behind the mirror only to find nothing but his reflection of himself.

The only art award that was ever received was a first prize in the county fair for a diagram of a heart that I had to do for science class when I was 13. Interesting I never thought about that until now and the metaphor that lies within it. Funny how that art thing works isn’t it. Other than that it’s the only award I ever received. Which is fine by me since I never thought much of them anyway. What really mattered to me is someone like a cat like myself sees my art, and wants it not because of an awards or title, but because it’s important to them. Because it means something to them. Also having somebody say, “Cool.” For some reason the word, “Cool” is the universal dude lingo for, “your all right.”

As for all the queer, gay, or male subject matter. I guess if you have never been a statistic you will never know, and me trying to explain it to you or its meaning would be meaningless unless you were a statistic. One of my favorite quotes, and that I keep with me at all times is from Shakespeare play, Julius Caesar.

Tell me, good Brutus, can you see your face?
No, Cassius; for the eye sees not itself,
But by reflection, by some other things.

One more thing before ending this About section. Shane Street is a actual street that I accidentally found myself on. I was lost and wanted to figure out where the hell I was. Pulled up to the intersection and looked at the road sign. It said Shane St. and on the corner was an adult book store. Like I said there is only one door in and out of that closet.

Shane St.