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A boy at rest

I am taking a retreat for about mouth or more.  In the beginning of the year I decided to devote all my art time to Shane St.  I had very bad experience with some conventional art at year’s end of last year with some commissions work. After that I decided to double down on the Back Alley Boys.  Well it’s been about 6 months since I dedicated my art and my time to Shane St.

Boy Anatomy 3-72

It’s time to do some reflection of ware I want to take it next or if there is a next.  I love drawing and creating my Back Alley Boys.  Artistically for me it’s a wonderland of endless pleasure and enjoyment.  I am always amazed how the subconscious works on an artistic level.  Characters truly create themselves and they have so much to say.

15 Back Alley-72

I know some love the porn aspect of my pieces and I get many comments how it gives them a boner, but I think the best compliment I get is when somebody tells me, “That’s Cool.”  Maybe because that is the universal thumbs up that my art has connected.  Although my art is mainly gay and is sexual it is not the whole story of these characters. It’s about the self and being a boy.  Gay or Bi or what have you, but a boy is a boy.  Once you lose the boy to a man you lose what it is to be male.

Scrabble-72 uncensored

A boy is a very very special thing in the universe and that is not just because he has a boner, but that is part of it but not the whole part.  Every one of us has been alone and in that loneliness our hand slides down to our desires.  There we have enjoyed the pleasure of what it is to be male. The self of honesty.


I’m not one of the flowerily love or the selfie of likes.  I live in the alley ways of second guesses and the doorways of unwashed feet. Were its not love that feeds my thirst but the direct current of another.

Lunch Break Watercolor-72

I have always lived my life in way of not to make too many waves.   Kept to myself and did my job, but the boy on the other hand.  Well he wanted to see it burn, and that is the boy that is in all of us.  “Fuck it lets burn it.”  99% of the time that gets us in trouble and makes us pathological liars.  But that 1% is the universe that we jam up from our balls on daily basis. It’s the boy that thinks he can get away with it that made steel fly out to the stars.  That 1% boy is what brings piece or war to the world.  It’s that 1% boy that makes you burn so hot that you will gladly, “pay Tuesday for a hamburger today”. (Poppy Sailor man, look it up.)

86 Hear no Eveil Speak no eveil see no evil

So when I started Shane St. I decided that the boy would be in control and say fuck it lets do it.  Let’s see were this goes.  I go into my studio every day and I place the pencil in the boys hand and ride that 1% like it was 99%.  I told the boy to push it and leave nothing.  He turned to me and said, “Nothing?”  I said, “Nothing.”

Jordan's Desires-72

So it is time for the boy to rest and go back to the source were all boys come from and reflect and study, and walk upon the beach and feel the cool water upon his feet.

Boy Anantomy-72

Will he return? I really don’t know.

Sleeping boy
Sleeping boy

Shane Street


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Jordan’s Desires

Jordan’ Desires- I actually got a request from a young man out of Jordan, (the country.)  He sent me a few pictures and I did one or two half ass sketches before I did this one.  Any-who in Jordan its not a good idea to be openly gay.  I pretty sure its illegal there.  Maybe one day the world won’t so ugly and more like Ster Trek. (Maybe)

I put together a little video for Jordan’s Desire.  This won’t be regular thing since they take a lot of time to put together.  I tried to do one off my phone but it looked pretty shitty and wanted to do some effects. So I went the fancy way.


Jordan’s Desire, is graphite on Canson Charcoal paper 67ls. color pearl.

Jordan's Desires-72

As a disclaimer, Jordan’s Desire is not his real name and I never did get picture of his face.  He just sent me a selfie if himself in front of a door way.  Shirtless and with the phone in front of his face.  Everything else including the sagging is all ad-lib folks.  A true Back Alley Boy.

Shane Street



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New works Upload

Every week I try to up load some current work and some past work.  There are some works that are not on the social media outlets because of time restraint or because there a little to taboo even for tumblr.  So make sure you enjoy the full spectrum of Shane Street.

New Items posted you can check them out at the New Product Gallery.

For product organized by category you can check out the Gallery Menu.

Please enjoy and don’t forget to subscribe to the E-mail list so you don’t miss out on all the Shane Street Bits and Pieces and Bums (don’t forget to leave a comment or two it helps the bits and pieces out.)

New Gallery post July 12

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Week n Review

Its been several weeks since I did a review.  Here what been going on.  I have uploaded a lot of new items in the galleries and make sure you check them out.  Some are of some older pieces but a few are some newer pieces. You can check them out at New Products.

I also will be relaxing some of my restricted works including my new pieces Hate.


I also added two new practice bundle.  Practice bundles are a collection 3 sketched that I have bundles together that I have done either in the past or recent that I have put together for sale.  Some of these bundles may have some outline sketches I used for some my premium works. You may want to keep eye out for them.  These bundles are prices right for that beginner or advance collector.

Sketch Bundle II

Sketch Bundle III


Shane Street News


Well lets get the failures out of the way first.  The series “Fright Knights” I had to cancel.  It was taking way to much of my time and it was turning into work.  I am very anti work of any kind and as soon it turns into work and all the not so fun stuff that work brings.  I decided it would best not to continue it for now.  It is the summer and I have a lot going on so I may finish it the fall or winter.

Failure 2  “Facebook”  I think this was my 3rd or forth time on Facebook and probably will be my last.  I am slow learner but I do learn.  I have decided its best not to continue the Facebook leg of the my social media.  Instead I will put some splash pages up for now and let it ride out and probably close all accounts in the fall.  Again it turned out to be a lot of work and very time consuming. I rather spend my time on mastering my art and not wearing silly hats and telling everybody what it means to be an artist.  That what I have a website for.

Failure 3 “Loosing focus”  After I get done with a couple pieces I will not be doing commission or request anymore.  I have done IG subject and will probably continue in the future but those are subject are arbitrarily pick for what ever reason.  But for you to contact me directly and ask me to draw you.  I will politely tell you I don’t do that anymore.  I may do some commission in the future but for the remainder of this year I will not.  My focus for the remainder of the year needs to be on my art and mastering my skills.

What coming up or New?

Well actually since I got rid of some my failures that gave me a little more room to work on my craft.  This actually pop up on the drawing table a couple days ago and there is another one I started today.

Boy Anantomy-72

Boy Anatomy, and I’m actually very excited about it.  I use to do some anatomy studies a while back.  I actually did a diagram of human heart in high school that I got 1st prize in the fair when I was 14. (go figure) Any-who its something that I think will work well with Shane Street as a hole.  Shane Street is not just about gay sex or penises.  (It is and its not.)  Its actually about being a male and our sociology as well as our sexuality.  I will have to save that explanation for another post.


I think that is it for now.  I will try to do 2 to 3 posting a week so may want to subscribe on the e-mail list.  After getting off Facebook I’m sure I will be more opinionated on my site and giving some art info and as well as some male sociology scuttlebutt.   The goal of Shane Street is to be comfortable about being male and our body’s.  Males are fun, funny, caring, loving, and we fall down a lot.  At the same time a lot of us are assholes to the highest order and we need to work on that.  Its ok to be an asshole and I think its in are DNA to be so, but that doesn’t give you the right for any reason to be prick, and there is a difference.

Have many orgasm and use the appropriate amount of lube.

Thanks, Shane Street


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Practice Practice Practice

I am putting together some bundles for sale of some of my practice sketches that I do in the morning.  Each day I grab my newsprint pad and a cup coffee and practice for about 2 to 3 hours a day.  Well I got so much of it that I decided to put them together as bundles for sale at low cost.  This will only be the desirable ones and not the practice sketches that went awry. Enjoy

Asortment of sketches

Don’t forget to subscribe to get all the Juicy Shane St. boys in your e-mail box.  A great way to start the day.

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Humping hump day

I have long day of art today. So I thought I start out the day with a morning noodle of a pic that a friend sent me last night. I call it “Me and Carlos.  (not me but him and Carlos, I wish I was Carlos but that is another fantasy for another day.)

me and carlos_wm

I have three goals today. One Finish Pat and Mike logo.


Work on “Friday Knights”


And post a three works in the Galleries


Boy will my arm be tired tonight


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Week n Review June 12, 2016

They Show must go on

I debated about doing this post today but I felt that if didn’t that would be to easy, and promised myself I would do a weekly posting every Sunday so here we go.

Thanks again to all the people who support and enjoy the fun that was created by the art Gods.  I am just an instrument of their creative and whimsical ways. (And whimsical ways they do have.)

Shane St. news for the week

Took it little slow this week.  I’m still licking my wounds from the sever flood we had here in Texas a couple weeks back.  Meeting with insurance companies and getting estimated on the damage that was created. (My back fence was washed away.) So I finished up on some older pieces and started few new ones.  Did some organization and started to upload some older works as well as the newer stuff in my gallery as well straitening up my Etsy page.  You probably didn’t know I had an Etsy page well I do and here is the link:

June 12 2016 WB

 Instagram model of the week

I young gay teen out Germany.  He contacted me several weeks back about requesting a drawing of him and his boyfriend.  They met on Instagram and met once.  They became mates thereafter, but like all long distance relationship the distance may be greater than they anticipated.


Art talk; Dreams

I’m not talking about making your dreams come true kind of thing but the dreams you have when you are sleeping.  I draw every day in the morning like clockwork, but for the last couple days I been doing some upkeep on my organization and with some loose ends. I know if I start drawing or painting I won’t get anything done.  So sometimes I walk away from the art table and give the art gods a rest.  It’s actually good all the way around.  It revives me a bit, gives me a little bit of space and lets me come down to earth and take of the physical world for bit.  Now here is the rub though.  Every time I do this and if I’m away from the drawing table more than a day I start to have dreams about drawing, or the images themselves.  There actually very long and intense dreams, and the longer I am away from the art gods the more they pull me in by the means of dreams.  So by tomorrow or the following day I am so horny that my pencil will just blow by just touching it.  I heard of wet dreams but wet art dreams?

Going Forward

After this morning sickening news in Florida I really felt like doing nothing today but the show must go on.  We must move forward.  It is the best way for me to show my sympathy to the ones who died.  You may knock me down but I will continue to get back up, and I will continue, and continue, and continue.  Life, art is an ongoing practice that has no end until the end itself.  I ask myself more than I should, “why am I doing this,” and the same answer comes back again and again.  “Leave nothing for yourself.”

 Facebook Post I did this afternoon to vent

(Facebook is good for this even if nobody reads it, its out of the body.)

I wasn’t in Shock

I woke up with death, guns, terrorist, gays, and Florida in today’s headline this morning. I wasn’t in shock. The first thing I thought of was Jesus Christ the idiotic hate tweets and post thereafter. How so many people will say how sad and how many people will say they deserved it because they are going against god. As well as to ban all Muslims and bomb them all, and we need more guns because it’s are right. Was I disappointed, nope. It was all there the ugliness of humanity. 50+ died and countless of others injured. Human beings, young men and we bicker over spilled milk.


Nothing will happen, maybe a speech, a plaque, a flag wave here and lowered there.  A national day of mourning but that’s about it. Because let’s face it. I guy walks into a school and shoot up children and nothing I mean nothing is done thereafter. Do you really think we as nation as a people are going to do anything after they shoot up a bunch of queers. There is no money in it.


I don’t prey for the dead they have already given their lives they are silent. I can’t even fathom what their families are going through. What I do pray for is this feeling of normality that is growing within ourselves and our nation. I wasn’t shocked and I should have been.


*Just a side note. They do make money off dead kids and queers. They being the gun industry and our government.  After every mass shooting gun sales go up. Look it up. Trust me they are not shedding any tears over there just counting.

Shane St.


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Getting Organized on Shane St. 5 steps


As  always I have more project and pieces going on then I possible have time for.  But that doesn’t stop me from giving a good old fashion stab at it.  In fact that is one of myself improvement goals for this summer is to complete what I start on in a timely manor. Now some of my fellow artist will agree and even if its not art but lets just say projects.  Starting them is the easy part finishing them is the hard part.  As artist we usually have pile of unfinished work that seam like a good idea at the time, but as time goes on they loose there zeal.  One of the ways of me curving this is make sure I get them done in one sitting.  That is why you see more sketches and drawing from me more than anything else.  Its just not the practice of the art but its the practice of the finishing.  Also there is economic reasons as well.  Selling pieces that you put 40 hours plus in is darn right difficult unless your extremely well known and there in high demand.  (That also has its down side as well. Will save that for another blog post.) And you only were able to work on that one piece, if your anything like myself at the end you just want it to to go away and there is even chance because you worked on it so long that you involuntary fucked it up by nitpicking it to death.  Then it becomes a choir and work more than fun, and fun is one of the key ingredient in any Artistic process.  If its not fun I don’t do it.  (I’m very anti work of any kind.)

So how are you able to keep your interest in the art projects that you started so your can finish them and still have time to keep your audience engaged. As well as your zeal for that larger piece that may take 40 plus hours so your not involuntary sabotaging your own work or it ends up on the heap of I’ll get to it later pile. Well I hate to bring up my wood working days again but the trick is organization.

  1. You can’t get anything done if your drawing, writing, dancing or what ever you do station is a mess and full of clutter.  When building furniture I found it was in my best interest to spend a day organizing and make sure everything is were it should be and the area is clean.  Now I’m not perfect and you should always allow some area to go to hell.  You just can’t help it your human and its like that Fuck up area in your life.  Just accept it and move on. As long as that fuck it area doesn’t get stupid your good.
  2. Time; when you start you start and nothing else gets in the way.  Early ass morning works better for me because I am not disturbed and I can get about 4 hour straight play time in.
  3. Timely breaks.  I take a hour or so if not longer get something to eat and even cat nap.  Get up fresh and coffee and I’m good for another 3 to 4 hours and then if I’m lucky I repeat it a 3rd time.
  4. Keeping flow of work.  In other words in your mind and in your studio.  (This was my layout in my wood shop as well.)  There is starting point and there is finishing point.  This is were I pull my paper and supplies and this is were the end product is placed when done.
  5. File system on your digital material.  Everything that I do is digitized in one way or another and getting a file system to gather so I find stuff in the future took some doing.  The best way for me to do this is by date.  Starting the beginning of this year I started to put the actual date when the piece was completed and file it under the month then year regardless of what it was or medium.  So say 5 or 10 years from now somebody ask my about a piece that was posted 8 years ago I can always look it up by date.  I also store finish pieces this way.  I can usually find something with in 15 minutes compared to, “Were the fuck did I put that.”

My main focus and concern is getting art done because it is such difficult thing for artist to do, as well getting in that practice time.   As I start to move into more complicated pieces that need extra hour and expand my brand through social media and through my website.  Managing time is daily concern for me.  It is a practice with in a practice, but as I master one area of practice it then propels me to newer level practice. But the key to this new level is organization and time management.  The goal is to keep it fun so that each piece I start has a chance to exist.  You can’t do that if you are always trying to find were you left your pencil and wondering who the hell is at the door.  It is process of removing distraction so the only thing your concentrating is fun.

Here are few project that I started this week.  Will I finish them all?


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Sunday Review

First of all I would like to thank all my fans and friends out there is cyber space for your support and your kind and supportive comments toward my art.  They are always appreciated and I cannot express the motivation they are for us controversial artist that don’t follow the subscribe path of the norm.

Thank You - small

Art News for Shane Street

  • Request; for you those that DM me on Instagram for request please go to my Request and Commission page and reed the instruction how to do so.  It doesn’t cost any money for request but there is no guarantees either that I will be take your request.  I am very busy and I will do me best.  Also please read the all the info on the request area. It protect you and me.  You sending me a picture via the social media will fall upon death ears.  You must e-mail me your request. Also I cannot express the importance if you are going to send nudes that you mark them as private and you be of legal age. (18+) if you are younger you need to have something around the hips or you will be banned form this sight and all my social media outlets.
  • Fucking Facebook the red headed step child in the social media spectrum.  I say this because I had to create a fan page this week which I was trying to avoid like the plague.  Facebook is a time killer and wanted to avoid creating another thing to watch and maintain, but for my social media links to work properly I had to create a page.  So, in here it is:  It will be a mirror image of Instagram in way but with added updated from my website that I cannot do from Instagram.  Every little social media has there + and – BS.
  • Website news.  I believe I am 75 to 80% complete with site architectural wise.  There are still things I have to fix and if something not working please let me know.  Also if you leave comment or order something or e-mail me a request through the site and if I don’t back with in 48 hours please IM using one of the social medial outlets.  I’m usually pretty good about following up and if I didn’t back to you that means that something isn’t working properly.
    • New Gallery categories were installed with password protection on more explicit images.  I had to implement do to my younger fans and wanted to be on the safe side.  I know all you have seen it all by the age of 12 but its better to be on the side of cation.
    • Installed a new page, New Products  (Complete listing of art work.) so all current art work that is uploaded is on one page and you can use the preference tab for newest to oldest and other option.  I’m still working out the kinks there so give me time on that page.
    • Password protection on explicit work was installed as I mention.  Do to my younger audience and wanted to created safe haven for them. I know 99% of you already seen all there is to be seen and then some, but its better be safe then sorry.  If you are of legal age you can contact me using the various means; e-mail or one of the social media outlets.  I know its not much but its the best I can do for now.  Maybe later in the future I will have better way to go about it but for now this will have to do.
    • New Items listed Every week there will be new items that will listed for sale and will post every Sunday a recaps of what was posted.

June 5, 2016 site

Whats next

As the website gets more streamline I will be getting in more of a routine of doing regular posting.  So its something you may want to visit from time to time.  There will be things here that will not be on the social media outlets.  Such as:

  • Sunday Review
  • Art rants and opinions
  • Gay art news
  • Interviews with other LGBT artist
  • and new product posting & graphic stories

I very much appreciate all the support from you the audience.  My goal is to bring you the best that I can offer as in Male art.  Erotic or other wise.  I hope it connect to you not just in a erotic way but in way that says you are not alone.  I think as a male we are subject to so many male stereotype and fall in that trap of what a male is.  We are entering in new phase of human evolution.  There are many that want to go back to the old ways of putting us in the closet, but I think that kitty is out of the bag.  We need to remain strong and truthful to ourselves and our bodies.  There is no shame of having squirrel nuts and a tinkle spout.  It’s our instrument of pleasure, self love and loving others.  Don’t be a prick and play by play ground rules. (If you don’t know what that is I may have to write an that subject to educate some, or maybe its just a Midwestern thing.)

Shane Street


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Golden Years

Golden Years, was a request from a friend of mine on Facebook.  He sent me a couple photos of himself in his golden years out in San Francisco when he was modeling for RWE Photography, back in the 90’s and early 2000 and featured in He’s original from Midland Texas moved to Fort Worth and then headed out to San Francisco and never looked back to Texas (I don’t blame him).  Were he went to the Art University in San Francisco California for film and started his modeling career.

Golden Years-72

The piece incorporate the two images that he sent me.  Having himself looking upon himself on Bakers Beach in San Francisco.

One of my photographers I had, we just got done with a shoot in San Francisco, and afterwards he invited me to stay with him and his other roommates, he hadn’t told any of them i was living there yet, and one of them walked in the front door with me just gotten out of the shower drying off in the living room and the roommate who was straight walked in and me being completely naked walked up to him and shook his hand and said, “I’m your new roommate.”

Golden Years for a golden time.