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Saturday Junk

Thursday night around 6 PM a nasty storm front came through Texas, and this wasn’t any storm front.  It was wave after wave of rain and wind.  In my area alone it dump 10″ water that evening.  Causing flooding in my studio and less than 3 inches from getting into my house.  Thankfully it stopped raining long enough to recede a bit.  I also almost lost my cars as well.  It was almost to the door when I caught my snap to move them.  That was extremely intense and scary since I have 3 of them because I haven’t had a chance to sell one of them since I got my new car.

I wish that was the end of my tail.  The following day the clean up somewhat began until around noon and the whole dam thing started all over gain and moved the cars again.  It didn’t get into my studio again this time (damn close) but it didn’t recede quickly.  It took all night for it to go down enough were the all clear was sounded.  Thankful it is a beautiful sunny day and its actually pleasant outside, and that is saying a lot for Texas in May.

Now the clean up begins. Before emptying my studio out this morning and giving it a good douche because it smells like wet dog, and before the all the ruckus started Thursday evening.  I was actually working on a piece. Then the power went out and it all went down hill from there.  So before the clean up I wanted to finish this piece up, but before that I did my standard warm ups.  So here are the warm ups and the finish piece.

Now time for the douche.




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Alley Trash @ 3 a.m.

At 3 a.m. and horny as fuck you sneak out of the house and hook up with Johnny Ray in the alley on Shane St. To do some hard action boy on boy  play.

Alley trash-72B

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Blaine is an 18 year old gay skater dude with attitude from the mile high state.  He enjoys gaming and working out.  I met him on tumblr  through a friend and gotten to know the skater punk.  I have done a couple pieces of him being the sexy 18 year old he is.

Lunch Break Watercolor-72


39 Blaine part Due-7222 Blaine-72








Here are some images he sent me to work off.


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Saturday Morning Noodles

Last week I met a young man out of Toronto Canada on Instagram.

Here are few sketches of him as my subject.



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“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” – Ferrris Bueller’s Day Off

This handsome young man is out of the UK and is a gay teen. He has a great outlook toward life and positive Chi with in him. But like all young men he is eager to grow up fast.  Getting a six packs and living it fast. My advice to younger dudes is to enjoy the innocents while it last.  Those bulky muscle will come soon enough and as for last take Ferris Buellers’s advice.  Time is fleeting and what you wish you had will be here soon enough, but what is is will be for ever gone.


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American Arrogance vs British Bums

When a Midwestern Ohio boy hooks up with this British bum he’s going to get some British Discipline.

Amercan Arigance and British Bums


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“Suck This!” Saturday

This full beautiful COCK was brought to you by our British brethren across the Atlantic.  I met this chap on a Twitter feed couple days ago.  I saw his pic on another twitter feed and was totally inspired (who wouldn’t).  I quickly contacted him and told him I have to do you.  He agreed.

Little bit about the subject:

Age: 18, and delicious potent.

Sexual orientation: Straight boy, but he’s young yet.

Star sign: Sagittarius, centaur with a bow of truth Hmm.

Country: UK, you got to love those accents.

Hobbies: Working out, long walks, and fucking (18 and fucking who would of guessed.)

Length of penis: Didn’t say but really once it goes past 10 what is a few more inches.

Ambitions: Penis model trying to become the biggest penis on Twitter.

Penis model trying to become the biggest penis on Twitter. Catch him on webcam and of course follow his Twitter: @PerfectPenis_CB

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Flash Back Friday 1976

Its Twinks 1976 Flash Back Friday

It wasn’t all disco and Star Wars.  It was Led Zeppelin, cut offs and Hot skater dudes.

Vertical Templete-72fb
Twinks 1976 Graphite on newsprint
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Trash Twink Thursday

I woke this morning and staggered into my studio with coffee in hand and was going to do a couple practice sketches to and then go to the shop. (I was going to try to get there early before it got to hot.  I’m in Texas and even in May it gets pretty hot by mid afternoon.)  Well about 15 in the my doodling this young man came into being.  Not even close of what the subject I was looking at beside the arm.  That’s why I love this gig.  Everyday my intention are one thing but the art gods have another.  But here is the thing to keep in mind.  I am ready for the day now.  I am full of energy and charged.  Could it be the coffee? Could be, but I also have a big ass grin on my face, and I don’t think that’s the the coffee, but the positive Chi that was created with the art gods.  Doing the yin & yang session in the creative process.  Thank you Art Gods.

Trash twink thursday-72

FYI: Yes there are art gods and spirits.  Don’t try to take all the credit.  This is something that I learned as I was building furniture for 30 years.  Don’t take my word for it Elizabeth Gilbert explains int better that I can.