Moring noodles

Some morning noodling, but there is always one noodle that out noodles the rest.  Transferred the boy with the hat to some mixed media paper and will do watercolor of him later on.  Maybe tomorrow.

Everything I post is for sale or printable (with or without border).  If you wish to inquire about a piece then contact me with the name and the gallery that it is in. You can also head over to  my Etsy store where few more of my pieces are located but not all. Shipping is Free in the continental US.  I do ship internationally please contact me for shipping cost. Transaction can be handled through Etsy or Paypal.

For question you may contact me through my Email: or I.M. me on FaceBook and my Instagram is:  (shane.street)  Enjoy the boys on Shane St. and feel free to leave a comment.  Thank You Shane St.

New Items On Etsy

Upload some old and new pieces on Etsy today.  Check them out and like a couple.

***Print option with variable sizes will be coming soon.  I took the plunge and invested in Epson art printer that will allow me to offer in house high end prints up to 13 x 19″ Should have that available for you by the first week of June.***

Private Gallery

The private gallery is now open.  A password is required just click on the picture for more details on how to get your password.

Some noodling preview

After a disappointing art venue over the weekend with some of my convention work.  Which I believe I will not being any shows like that anymore and stick to specific genre oriented events.  I seem to a lot better and feel better when doing art venue with specific genre.

Back to Shane Street and the best way is to start working those hand muscles.  Here are some pieces that I am working.  Enjoy and yes I am working on getting the explicit stuff up later today.

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It’s Coming

I just got my website back up.  Give me a week or bit to get it up and running.

In the meantime go to my Etsy page for now.

If you want to contact me the best way right now is my E-mail since I’m still developing this sight.



Shane St.